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Update by user Jan 02, 2015

Pay little mind to the useless people, who obviously work for Royal Holiday, who will make comments under your complaint. You can expect it, and it can get quite personal. Just further shows how unscrupulous this company truly is.

Original review posted by user Jan 01, 2015

While visiting Cozumel the week before Christmas with our family, we were approached on multiple occasions by a man named Pedro. Literally to the point we actually believed he was stalking us! But, his personality and his seemingly amazing offer (and persistence) were impossible to resist. We finally decided, after the third day running into him (in different locations throughout Cozumel) to take him up on visiting Park Royal Hotel. We were told that in exchange for listening to a 90 minute presentation we would be provided lunch for our whole family and passes to come back the following day to spend the whole day getting massages, swimming, snorkeling, eating, drinking... basically the works!

Even though our resort was all inclusive, he assured us this resort was far superior. When we arrived, we were quickly shuttled to a desk for a Royal Holiday representative, who took both of our driver's licenses and a major credit card. This was not alarming, as most timeshare presentations do this same thing. We were then passed off to a guy named Emilio to begin our "endless" tour. He gave us a lot of information, drew some pictures, made some graphs, jumbled some numbers and basically made very little sense, but in the end asked the typical sales 101 drone question, "so which sounds better, your way or the Royal Holiday way?"

At this point we were shown the rest of the property, toured a beautiful presidential suite, and finally made our way to the video room to watch the 8 minute beautiful people promotional video. By this time the kids (10 and two 6 year olds) were cranky, hungry and getting bored. We were now met by another woman in an amazing room overlooking the ocean and an infinity pool. Music was blasting, they were feeding you drinks and now bringing food directly to us and the kids who were in the specially designed kid's play room. LET'S JUST SAY, they know what they are doing. The atmosphere was conducive to make you pretty much sign anything.

Once you meet with this woman, she tells you all about the packages and their prices and how that "TODAY ONLY" the prices are not the prices on this normal price sheet, but these "amazing offers" just too good to pass up. After 6 hours and yet another sales woman, this time Rosario (truly the most untrustworthy of them all and I will explain why shortly). In the end, we had agreed to this vacation club package at a Platinum+ level for over $30,000 and $1200 a year maintenance fee.

The saving grace for us was that it took them so long to negotiate, the bank was already closed. We transferred $16,000 to our personal account which they were to debit in the morning. (As we agreed to pay 50% down to get even more amazing deals including 3 years use of any of their resorts in Mexico and DR without using any points and being VIP status) **THEY WILL OFFER YOU ALL OF THIS SAME ***! Now you might be asking yourself why we did not google them first? Well, here you go: First, we did not have international data on our phones so we could only use the internet if we had wifi. Second, the second salesgirls' iPad conveniently ran out of battery when she went to show me something I requested. Yes, I now realize that was likely a big lie as she did not want to take a chance I would google them.

Once the papers were signed, they put us up in a Jr. Suite for the remainder of our vacation. They told us to go eat dinner, enjoy the shows, go shopping the next day and enjoy complimentary massages, etc. They were definitely planning on keeping us busy. My husband and daughter went to a show and I stayed up in the room with the other two kids since they were exhausted. I had asked for the wifi password upon check-in and he provided me with a free temporary password. Once I was settled, something told me to google the company and see what I could find. I cannot tell you the feeling of panic that came over me when I began to read complaint after complaint and it all began to make sense.

My husband returned to the room and I shared the information with him and after his moment of panic, so began our sleepless night believing that we, like so many countless others, had just lost our hard-earned money to these scam artists. We talked all night about what we would do. We woke the kids at 6am, packed up the room and returned to our old hotel. Luckily we had not checked out, since we were diving there. We did hours of research and here is what we found. Hopefully it will help you.

FIRST, hopefully your money has not been transferred yet and you can get on the phone with your bank first thing in the morning and transfer the money out of that account and cancel any cards related to it, which luckily was the case for us. Contact your bank immediately!! SECOND, no matter WHAT you signed, you CAN cancel the contract within five business days according to Mexican Law (Article 56 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law). They may have had you sign something, if they are letting you stay in a room or giving you some gift, stating that you waive your right to cancel. Don't let that scare you. It is totally ILLEGAL and they know it. You can contact Profeco directly in Cozumel if they try to give you a hard time. All you have to do is threaten them with going to Profeco. Trust me, they do not want that. You have 5 days no matter what!

THIRD, make sure you deliver your cancellation of contract letter in person and make them give you something signed in return. Expect this to take some time because and be a little difficult, believe it or not, they will continue to try to keep you and sell you on a lesser package claiming that you have buyer's remorse! Rosario is the worst at this. She will tell you story after story, trying to relate to you, then continue to push for you to reconsider. Even after you deliver this notice, I would still consider notifying Profeco and US government agencies of your interaction and if you have any difficulty with the return of your money. If you have already returned home when you realize all of this, and you are within your 5 business days of signing the contract, send the letter certified mail and email both to Royal Holiday at the address on your contract, as well as directly to the person who you signed with at Park Royal, and Profeco so that you have proof that you are within your 5 days. (Your email will be the best proof, but the certified mail follows the contract, so best to be safe.) Our attempt took us more than 2 hours waiting in an office (2 separate times) until we finally threatened to inform the other potential buyers that they were out there working with, all that we had learned. Then they were quick to get us out.

If it is a large enough amount of money, there is an attorney in Cozumel, Cristina Carcia Toca who says on her website that she deals directly with timeshares, etc., I would contact her and see if she can provide assistance. REMEMBER, this is their job, and they are darn good at it. They are trained to make this sound amazing and make you want ... almost need it. They are also trained to make you second guess yourself when you try to cancel. They play on your emotions. But you have to also remember that the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is" is almost always the case, and definitely is the case in this situation.

All of the people in these reviews cannot be wrong. The stories are all the same. Are we at fault for falling for it? Absolutely. We thought we were doing something amazing for our family because there are some pretty great clubs out there. (They had me believing they were part of Marriott, by the way) But, what we are choosing to do from here is make sure no-one else falls for this unscrupulous group at Royal Holiday at the Park Royal Hotel in Cozumel, Mexico. Pass this message on to anyone you know heading to Cozumel!

Product or Service Mentioned: Royal Holiday Club Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: We requested to have all of our personal information returned, as we stopped the bank transfer before we lost our money. We have a letter from them accepting our cancellation, but, they did not return our items. Also, we lost two days of our vacation..

I didn't like: Felt totally scammed, And robbed, Losing time out of my vacation.

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Delray Beach, Florida, United States #1260581

1st off I don't work for Royal but came across this epic rant and wow , hey shakespeare go write a book about something happy if you want to write a diatribe. Stop trying to neg anyone else out who will listen.

Stop complaining and move on, I hope you write good reviews that are just as extensive as this you miserable person. No wonder you said it gets personal with those royal people , you're hurting their well, you're trying to hurt their livelihood by ranting but you know, the resort knows and anyone who's ever eaten a bad burger at a restaurant knows , you can cry all you want when you're all hyped up and angry but I bet you don't write equally long good reviews , your opinion, testimony etc is rendered invalid, useless and inapplicable if all you are capable of is pointing out the holes in the cheese. If you want sympathy, show some balance and the ability to recognize good as well.

And if you even for one second just thought to yourself, "I would if I could but there was no good" then we already know what category you belong in..........the cynical cry babies of the world. Move on kid.

to Anonymous #1397464

It seems as if you wasted a lot of time responding to something you claim is “negative” with a lot of negativity? Curious why you would even bother when you didn’t even seem to have a point?

You compared eating a bad burger to, which amounts to a few dollars to this? Hmm.

We were also “burned” by this company.

I can tell you that she is not wrong. I believe maybe you should move on “anonymous” (interesting that you didn’t share your name- I’ll share mine)

to Candice B #1529650

Probably works for that shady company

Castaic, California, United States #1233904

very good job, I do the same or worth problem with VIDANTA/VIDAVACATOINS

they are very profesional to stole your $$$

we should get all together and do a lot of advertising to prevent this with others

Hackensack, New Jersey, United States #1178114

How did u cancel I just sign up for and I'm scared

San Jose, California, United States #1013406

I bought a Royal Holiday timeshare and it was one of the worst financial mistakes I ever made. I never intended to buy it, but I cannot suckered into going to a presentation to get free show tickets when I was in Puerto Vallarta.

The high-pressure sales person convinced me to sign on the dotted line, and I ended up with a timeshare. It was one of the hardest things to get rid of, and I lost about $20,000 in the process.

It was an expensive lesson learned. There is a good article about Royal Holiday:

to ursularice #1015048

I am sorry to hear that! You are right, they are good at what they do.

We did not intend on buying either and did it after hours of pressured sales presentations and truly amazing claims. Luckily, the moment we were able to get wifi (which conveniently was not available in that room), we did quick research. We were able to get in touch with our bank right away and stop the transfer. We were lucky in that respect.

The unfortunate side was the time we lost out of our vacation trying to recover our losses and the stress dealing with it.

Is there no way for you to recover any of your money at this point? I wish you luck, but totally agree, it is a lesson learned for all of us for sure.

to ursularice #1523574

We live in the USA and recently signed a contract for a membership that gives us discounts and 2 year use of RCI with 2 free weeks as well. They were supposed to charge our credit card with closing cost but for some reason it has not been charged.

Our first payment is due in next month. What if I dont pay it? Besides sending me to collections what else can happen? Do you know?

Arrest? Unable to travel to mexico in the future? My credit card expires soon.

They can't get my new one right? Thanks in advance.

to Nel Martin #1529694

I would not pay it and cancel as soon as possible (by certified letter if possible). Since they did not draft the first payment, I suspect you can argue that the contract is not valid.

They cannot do anything other than possibly send you to collections.

They will certainly not have access to your new card, but I would cancel that now and get a new one as well just to be safe. We had similar issues to the person in this original post and we were successful in stopping any action.


Your comments are so tired. Keep reading people.

It's pages of the same old stuff. Then click his name and read the other comments he makes on other people's pages and as you guessed it! All the same. Go to bed little boy.

I have just sent your comments to CPS. Making false claims is actually a punishable offense. You should have looked that up.

Here is the info for you:

"This should be reported to the local district attorney's office,and the police. Collect all of the unfounded allegations, and any records, or transcripts, or anything else that substantiates your claim, and bring it to the attention of the authorities.The violator may be charged with making false claims, perjury, slander or related charges."

Orange, California, United States #1002393

Also Justin aka Sari, I have reported this to CPS, they will go to the police and get an IP trace and see if the child abuse rumors are true or nt.

to KevinRichards #1002401

You are so ridiculous, it's actually comical. I guess I will report your parents as well.

Move on little boy before I call your mommy. (CPS and tracing are serious accusations to make.

I am copying your comments and actually reporting them now. You are eventually going to get your self in some serious trouble.)

to justinefla Orange, California, United States #1002402


to justinefla #1002404

You have to understand I am only doing this for the safety of your children. Besides I am 17 too old for them, they only go up to 16. June 27th was my birthday

to KevinRichards #1002409

By the way, why are you posting as Orange, CA? We know you live in Canada.

to justinefla London, England, United Kingdom #1002411

Lol, stop responding, he is just posting for attention and wants you to respond, besides I seriously doubt he reported you to the CPS (whatever that is) he is just saying that to get you to respond. He is probably laughing right now at the attention he is getting.

Just look at some of his responses and his complaint to Walmart where he asked for a KKK themed cake and they denied it so he had no cake to take to his meeting, in other words he is trolling and seeking attention. I don't think reporting to the admin does any good on this site, this guy has over 2000 comments.

Has been on this site since he was 11. Or claims to have been.

to 16James16 #1002418

He has been doing this since last year. We are actually sitting and laughing at him too, so it's a little funny!

We have a pretty good picture of what he looks like.

I did see that KKK one!! I also saw the new one he made about Red Robin where he said "that because they were blacks, they wanted everything for free!"

to KevinRichards #1002413

If you did report the abuse they won't do a thing but laugh in your face because it is clear that someone else made that post. You are either trolling or making that post to scare her. Doubt it is working.

to 16James16 Orange, California, United States #1021142

This person admitted to lying about her experience in order to get a refund. In order to cancel the mistake she made.


Ok, Kevin. You are Sherlock Holmes.

Sari, who clearly lives in another country and I, are the same person. I feel truly sorry for your parents. What a disappoint you must be to them. Your ridiculous child abuse comments show your age and your lack of education and class.

I have reported you to the admin, again, and hopefully one day they will remove you from here. You really do not add anything valuable here, or likely anywhere in life. You like to throw around the words "liar" and "child abuse" quite a bit. I bet you have experienced this in your own life and this is your way of crying out for help.

They do have hotlines to help kids like you. I hope you get the help you need.

In the meantime, for anyone who is here for the real reason, Royal Holiday, they did make sure we were never charged and cancelled our contract.

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